NeXt UI Tutorial Supplement

  NeXt is an awesome toolkit developed by Cisco. It is an HTML5/JavaScript based toolkit for network web application which can be used to draw network topology, e.g., data center, laboratory network experiment. It has been added in OpenDaylight community which is an open source community of SDN controller.   There are some tutorials that we can follow online like Next-Tutorials…

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How to get return code and return data from Restangular

  Use response.status to get return code when failed and use response.plain() or Restangular.stripRestangular(response) to get return clean data without any Restangular methods. Pay attention that the .plain() attribution is supported after 1.4.0 version of Restangular. Here comes the example: Restangular.all(xxx).post(cmd).then(function(response) { //console.log(response.plain()…

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